Our Products

Claypave's products are among the world's best, with a production history dating back to the 1800s. While our products have changed through the years, our quality has always been maintained. 

Claypave uses local clays, and fires with natural gas, so our product are gentle on the environment The warm, natural colours are exactly that - natural. There are no artificial colouring agents or dyes added. The colours are a result of the natural clay and the temperatures at which they are fired. Our pavers and bricks will never fade. 

Claypave continually ensures that our large and varied range provides stylish, elegant and practical solutions to every situation. 

Proudly Australian, Claypave pavers are sought after by the world at large. We export to Japan, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, South East Asia, Middle East, Europe and the United States.  Your Claypave project is world class!

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