Buy locally made, family owned, natural product! Buy direct from our factory in Dinmore, between Brisbane and Ipswich


We offer a range of speciality products to help you put the finishing touches on your project. These include visually impaired dots and dashes, finishing edges, chanels and kerbs, and are available in our Tan and Gold colours. Please contact our friendly staff to enquire about availability of these products.

Visually Impaired Dots/Dashes - 300X150X50mm

056CLA dotstan 300x150x50mm.jpg057CLA dotsgold 300x150x50mm.jpg054CLA dashtan 300x150x50mm.jpg055CLA dashgold 300x150x50mm.jpg

Finishing Edge - 230x150/115 x 50mm

119CLA finishinge_mod 230x115,150x50mm.jpg120CLA finishinge_mod 230x115,150x50mm.jpg

Channels - 250x115x65mm

114CLA channeltan 230x115x65mm.jpg113CLA channelgold 230x115x65mm.jpg

Kerbs - 230x115x125/65mm

118CLA standardkerbstan 230x115x125,65mm.jpg117CLA standardkerbsgold 230x115 x125,65mm.jpg